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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Tekstil Mühendisliğine Giriş
English Introduction to Textile Engineering
Course Code
TEK 111 Credit Lecture
Semester 1
1 1 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Burçak Karagüzel Kayaoğlu
Course Objectives To give knowledge about textile engineering and textile engineering education
To give information about working areas of textile engineering
To give general overview of the textile business from fibers to clothing.
Course Description Introduction to Department of Textile Engineering and textile engineering profession, working areas of textile engineering, general information on fibers, yarn and yarn technology, weaving and weaving technology, knitting and knitting technology, nonwovens and nonwovens technology, finishing and finishing technology, clothing and clothing technology and technical textiles.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:
I. find answers to “Who is textile engineer ?What are the features of textile engineering education?”
II. know the working areas in the textile business.
III. have a general idea of textile production (from fibers to clothing)
IV. have a general idea of the past and the present situation of the industry.
Pre-requisite(s) N/A
Required Facilities
Other References
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