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MOD 311 - Leather Apparel Design

Course Objectives

1. To develop speed drawing techniques.
2. To create presentations relevant to design ideas.
3. To develop collections using different types of leather and other materials, using their own selection of fabrics and colors, including technical drawings and a muslin garment.
4. To develop a personal style in rendering various fabrics and skins in line & volume.
5. To incorporate research and create original ideas in various fashion design categories.

Course Description

This course introduces the student to the use of leather, suede and other animal skins for men’s and women’s apparel design. Students will create designs through draping and flat pattern utilizing industrial methods.
Students visit a leather factory and see the production.
Students learn to explore making collections by exploring Fashion categories & markets. They create an entire collection from thumbnails to portfolio figures including technicals by speed drawing techniques, taking inspiration from different sources and present their collections in front of the class. Instructor will work one on one with each student for each project.

Course Coordinator
Rüveyde Oder
Course Language
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