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TEK 417E - Technical Yarns-Online Sınav 2

Course Objectives

1. To give knowledge about technical yarns.
2. To give knowledge about the machines and the technologies used in the production of technical yarns.
3. To teach the use of new materials in the production of technical yarns.
4. To give knowledge about raw material and production process related properties and end-uses of technical yarns.

Course Description

Students who pass the course will be able to:
1. Learn the definition and types of technical yarns and textiles.
2. Learn the machines and processed used in the production of the technical yarns.
3. Differentiate the technical yarns produced by various spinning machines.
4. Know the properties and production processes of technical yarns from new materials.
1. Select raw material, machine and process combinations for the design and production of technical yarns.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Banu Nergis
Course Language
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