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PAZ 101 - Tekstilin Temelleri

Course Objectives

• Introduction of the technologies from fibre finished garments in textile industry.
• Detailing of production parameters and mill organisation.
• Basic approaches which help students develop their abilities in designing different types of garments and in producing them.

Course Description

This is a survey course designed for students who major in a fashion related curriculum or have a general interest in textile materials. While no single course has sufficient hours to provide the in-depth understanding of concepts and principles required of students who wish to specialise in textiles or textile products development. The course of study is quite broad; covering all basic elements from fibres through the transformation of raw textiles into finished goods. The course provides insights into textile manufactures but primarily concentrates on general textile applications relative to end-use consumer products. The course introduces students to a professional terminology, which will allow them to effectively communicate with textile producers. It also provides fundamental insights that allow an appreciation of the relative value of textile products and the appropriateness of given textile utilizations.

Course Coordinator
Osman Bülent Özipek
Course Language
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