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TEK 459E - Garment Pattern Making inAppar

Course Objectives

• To enable the students to understand and realize the importance of drafting and flat pattern making, grading and marker making operations for apparel production.
• To impart knowledge of flat pattern techniques, basic pattern alternating methods and technical skills to the students for pattern making

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the flat pattern method of apparel design. Fundamentals of flat patternmaking, covering a variety of slopers, front and back bodices, sleeves, collars, and skirts styling are studied. Students will draft slopers and it will be used to create original designs. Construction techniques will be introduced for the completion of these original designs. The aim of the lesson, followed by illustrated step-by-step drawn instructions for the practical exercises. The grading and marker layout techniques will be teach. In additional computerized pattern making, grading and marker making systems (CAD systems) will be shown.

Course Coordinator
Belgin Görgün
Course Language
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