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MOD 243 - Appr.Desg.Studio-Patternmaking

Course Objectives

Course introduces students to master pattern and pattern design for basic and advanced techniques for original design, sloper, and pattern development according to professional standards. Students learn accurate industry-standard terminology, pattern identification, and tool usage. They test patterns in muslin for fit and proportion of basic and complex design prototypes.

Course Description

Module A: Introduction to Flat Patternmaking Design: This module introducesstudents to the master pattern and patternmaking techniques used to developbasic concepts and original designs according to professional standards. Studentslearn the terminology, identification, and proper usage of tools and both basicprinciples and advanced patternmaking techniques applicable to the development
of slopers and patterns. Students will also learn how to test patterns in muslin forfit and proportion.
Module B: Advanced Patternmaking Design: Students learn more advanced
patternmaking techniques for semi-mounted sleeves, advanced collar techniques,and slack development. They apply these principles to develop slopers for theslack, kimono, and torso body and to realize original, complex design concepts.

Course Coordinator
Belgin Görgün
Course Language
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