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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Week Topics
1 Definition of nonwovens. History of nonwovens. Classification of nonwovens.
2 Raw materials: polymers, fibres, binders. Production methods.
3 Web formation methods: drylaying.
4 Web formation methods: wet-laying
5 Web formation methods: spun-laying
6 QUIZ (30/10/2013) Web formation methods: spun-laying
7 Web consolidation methods: Mechanical
8 Web consolidation methods: chemical methods
9 Web consolidation methods: Thermo-bonding, mechanical-thermal combination.
10 MIDTERM EXAM (27/11/2013) Web consolidation methods: Mechanical-thermal combination.
11 Web finishing and converting methods: Mechanical, chemical.
12 End-uses.
13 Position and future of nonwovens in Turkey and in the world.
14 Term Project presentations
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Prof.Dr.Telem GÖK SADIKOĞLU Date:
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