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TEK 392E - Design in Textile Engineering

Course Objectives

• To provide students with an understanding of the key elements of effective product design in textile engineering.
• To learn and apply the concepts, tools and methods necessary throughout different stages of product design process for apparel and textiles.
• To learn how to integrate end-user into product design process for apparel textiles.
• To become acquainted with the importance of teamwork and collaboration that is critical to new product success in textile engineering.

Course Description

An introduction to product design processes in textile engineering. Hands on application of product design methods on apparel and textiles. Methods and tools for concept development, concept selection and user research in the context of textile engineering. All the stages of design processes for specific target markets taking into account marketability, manufacturability, quality, technical and financial feasibility.

Course Coordinator
Gözde Göncü Berk
Course Language
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