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TEK 455E - Non-Woven Fabrics

Course Objectives

To teach the students,
1. nonwoven production methods and product properties,
2. how to determine the end-use according to nonwoven type.
3. the current situation of nonwoven industry in Turkey and in the world.

Course Description

Types, properties, production methods, end-uses of nonwovens; raw materials used in the production of
nonwovens (polymers, fibres, binders). Web formation methods; dry-laying (mechanical, aerodymanic,
mechanical-aerodynamic combination), wet-laying, spunlaying (spunbonding, meltblown,
elektrospinning). Web consolidation methods ;mechanical (needlepunching, stitchbonding, spunlacing),
thermal (calender, hot through-air, infrared, ultrasonic), chemical (empragnation, printing, foam,
spraying). Web finishing methods; chemical (dyeing, printing, coating, lamination, bleaching, etc.) and
mechanical (calendering, brushing, embossing, creping, crushing). Tufting production method. Current
situation of nonwoven industry in Turkey and the world.

Course Coordinator
İlkay Özsev Yüksek
Course Language
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