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TEK 616E - Mechanics&Model.of Text.Comp.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is
o To introduce the students of composite materials, composite manufacturing technologies and composite structure designs for engineering applications
o To teach the role of constituents in overall response of lamina (micromechanics) and
o To describe how a set of laminae with different configurations affect the overall properties and response of laminates (macromechanics).
o To provide an ability to design and analyze of failure, and design of laminates
o To introduce experimental and computational methods for composite material characterization

Course Description

Overview of composite materials and its applications, Types of reinforcement and matrix, Fiber- matrix interface and interfacial strength testing, Composite manufacturing methods, Introduction to mechanics of reinforced composites, Micromechanical Analysis of a Lamina, Macromechanical Analysis of a Lamina Macromechanical Analysis of Laminates, Failure, Analysis and Design of Laminates, Experimental and computational characterization of composite materials

Course Coordinator
Elif Özden Yenigün
Course Language
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