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TEK 332E - Weaving Technology II

Course Objectives

1.to give the detailed technological knowledge of contemporary issues of weaving within the context the motions and mechanisms available on weaving machinery,
2.to develop evaluation and decision making abilities for the possible end use fields of weaving machines and for their functionalities considering technological and operational capabilities and constraints,
3.to develop the abilities of planning, controlling, improving the working operations and conditions,
4.to develop the problem solving skills related to the practiced weaving problems.

Course Description

Fundamental technological knowledge on weaving machinery and their classification. Weaving industry. Comparative issues of weaving plant operations. Both technical and operational capabilities and constraints of different technologies as well as their application fields. Process conditions of weaving including material-machine interactions. Factors influencing weaving efficiency and fabric quality.

Course Coordinator
Emel Önder Karaoğlu
Course Language
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