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DEP 515E - Performance-Based Seismic Assessment and Design

Course Objectives

1. To understand the principles of seismic assessment and design via performance-based analysis procedures.
2. To understand and apply the advanced nonlinear static and dynamic analysis concepts.
3. To be able to follow the requirements of 2018 Turkish Building Seismic Code while performing nonlinear static and dynamic analysis for performance-based seismic assessment and design.
4. To able to apply seismic performance assessment and design procedures for tall buildings via TBSC 2018.

Course Description

Performance based seismic design, performance objectives, equivalent earthquake load, modal superposition procedures, deformation-based assessment, P-? Effects, geometric stiffness matrix, hysteretic behavior, stiffness and strength degradation, loading protocols, lumped, distributed and fiber plasticity, response-history analysis, single-mode and multi-mode pushover analysis, irregularities, internal forces, performance assessment of tall buildings, retrofit and rehabilitation strategies, structural performance and cost optimization.

Course Coordinator
Reşat Atalay Oyguç
Course Language
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