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BIL 112E - Intr.to Prog.Language(FORTRAN)

Course Objectives

1. to develop enough familiarity with the specific programming environment
2. to develop an understanding of fundamental programming logic and programming techniques
3. to develop the knowledge of editing, compiling, running and debugging of a program
4. to develop a working knowledge on the computer algorithms and programming language of different numerical methods which are used to solve scientific and engineering problems
5 .to emphasize on developing the students ability to analyze and solve problems by using high level programming language

Course Description

Introduction to Programming, Flowcharts, Algorithm Design, Introduction to Fortran Programming, Simple I/O, Arithmetic Operators Data Types, Logical Expressions Control Statements : IF Structure, Control Statements : CASE Structure, Repetitive Structure : DO, WHILE Loops, Formatted I/O, File
Processing, Subprograms (Modules, Procedures, functions and Subroutines), Arrays, Basic Engineering Applications

Course Coordinator
Cemil Kurtcebe
Course Language
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