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GID 510E - Nutrit.Change During Food Proc

Course Objectives

1. Educate students to demonstrate an extensive knowledge on the changes of the nutritional value of foods during various processes;
2. Educate students to develop a basic knowledge on the fortification and enhancement of nutritional value of foods; apply this knowledge to protect the nutrients in foods with a particular emphasis on their effects on the health of society;
3. Educate students to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of nutritional quality and its relation to food quality.

Course Description

Nutrients in: meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars; Food stability; Food Composition; Nutritional quality changes during processing of ; fruits and vegetables; Cereals, Baby foods, Legumes and oil seeds; dairy products; Confectionary products: Pastes and diet foods; Meat, poultry & sea products; Fats and oils; Healthy cooking methods: Traditional cooking methods; Carcinogenic changes, enrichment of foods, Menu planning

Course Coordinator
Neşe Şahin Yeşilçubuk
Course Language
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