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Course Information

Course Name
English Nutrit.Change During Food Proc
Course Code
GID 510E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Neşe Şahin Yeşilçubuk
Course Objectives 1. Educate students to demonstrate an extensive knowledge on the changes of the nutritional value of foods during various processes;
2. Educate students to develop a basic knowledge on the fortification and enhancement of nutritional value of foods; apply this knowledge to protect the nutrients in foods with a particular emphasis on their effects on the health of society;
3. Educate students to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of nutritional quality and its relation to food quality.
Course Description Nutrients in: meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars; Food stability; Food Composition; Nutritional quality changes during processing of ; fruits and vegetables; Cereals, Baby foods, Legumes and oil seeds; dairy products; Confectionary products: Pastes and diet foods; Meat, poultry & sea products; Fats and oils; Healthy cooking methods: Traditional cooking methods; Carcinogenic changes, enrichment of foods, Menu planning
Course Outcomes 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the nutrients in various foods and gain knowledge on their stability.
2. Gain ability to interpret food composition tables.
3. Learn nutritional changes during processing of fruits and vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, legumes, fat based food products.
4. Will have knowledge on healthfull cooking methods and changes in nutritional value of foods during traditional cooking methods.
5. Gain ability for menu planning.
6. Learn the nutritional evaluation of baby foods and the important factors.
7. Gain knowledge on the factors causing occurence of carcinogenic substances and on the applications to enhance the nutritional value of foods.
8. Gain knowledge on nutrigenomics and discuss contemporary issues.
9. Improve the ability to summarize scientific articles about nutrition.
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