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SBP 607 - Community and Place

Course Objectives

In this course, physical environment (home, neighborhood, city, region) which is influential on social and individualistic relations of people with the urban space and society concepts and the interrelation between these concepts will be evaluated.

Course Description

Concept of community and space; Environment, place, physical environment and social environment; Space, Architectural space, urban space; Human-environment relationship in open spaces; Examples of human-environment relationship in open spaces; Urban form and community relations; Examples of urban form and community relations; Meanings of place and culture in environmental design; Culture specific environments; Examples of culture specific environments: religion, traditions, customs; Examples of culture specific environments: socio-economic factors; Scenarios for future, cities of the future; Examples of cities of the future; General evaluation

Course Coordinator
İmge Akçakaya Waıte Jr
Course Language
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