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FIZ 636E - Error Analy. & Stat. Met. in Phy.

Course Objectives

1-) To calculate uncertainties, mean and standard deviation and errors in measurements
2-) To introduce probability, Bayes theorem, mode, variance,confidence and statistics
3-) To analyze common probability distributions, such as binomial, Poisson, Gaussian, chi-squared 4-) To understand error analysis, instrumental and statistical uncertainties; propagation of errors
5-) To learn least square method, minimization techniques, parameter estimation, statistical tests, hypothesis testing, Monte Carlo method

Course Description

This course is primarily addressed to physicists and other scientists and engineers who need to evaluate uncertainty in measurement. After a short introduction to the probability theory, the course will focus on the error analysis, hypothesis testing and the comparison of the frequentalist and Bayesian approach. Data simulation techniques will be examined as well.

Course Coordinator
Kerem Cankoçak
Course Language
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