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ISL 603 - Technology,Glob.and Ec. Perf.

Course Objectives

Concept of globalization and debates on globalization; global trends in production, trade and direct investments; organizational structures of transnational corporations and the geography of transnational production networks; functions of nation state in the process of globalization; bargaining relationship between states and transnational corporations; geographical ties of multinational corporations; role of technology in globalization; impact of foreign direct investments; environmental effects of globalization; effects of globalization on income and employment.

Course Description

1. To give an understanding of the extension of global economy and the basic dynamics behind the phenomenon of globalization.
2. To discuss the strategies of transnational corporations and policies of states as the two main actors that shape the process of globalization at the levels of local, regional and global scales.
3. To grasp the effects of the process of globalization on developed and developing countries.

Course Coordinator
Derya Gültekin
Derya Gültekin
Course Language
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