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HSK 619E - Advance Land Surface Models

Course Objectives

1. To get an overview of the main components of conceptual and physically-based earth system models
2. To learn how to apply sensitivity analysis to a hydrologic model (or any other computer-based models)
3. To learn how to use the sensitivity analysis results in a model calibration
4. To learn how to assess different uncertainty sources in hydrologic modeling

Course Description

Basic Concepts, Optimization, Calibration and Validation Methods, Classification of Land Surface Models, Spatial and Temporal Scales of Earth Processes, Scale of Model Inputs and Outputs, Parallel Programming, Objective Functions, Sensitivity Analysis, Model Calibration, Uncertainty Analysis, Uncertainty Communication to the End Users, Model-Independent PEST and GLUE methods.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Cüneyd Demirel
Course Language
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