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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Polimer Mühendisliği
English Polymer Engineering
Course Code
MMI 574 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 3 3
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Şafak Yılmaz
Course Objectives 1. To teach the essentials of polymer structures.
2. To teach the physical, mechanical and, rheological properties of polymers.
3. To teach the widely used production methods for plastic products.
4. To teach the relationships between the polymer properties, production methods and, design principles
Course Description Structure of polymers, classifications and applications. Physical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Analysis and comparisons of various processes used for manufacturing of plastic products. Parameters of processes and design principles. Affects of manufacturing on mechanical properties of product.
Course Outcomes 1. To gain the basic understanding for determining the amorphous and partially crystalline structures of polymers.
2. To gain the basic understanding for determining and selection of polymer types (thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer)
3. To gain the basic understanding for mechanical properties of polymer types and their test methods.
4. To gain the basic understanding to selection the most proper polymer type at product design.
5. To gain the basic understanding to select the most proper production method for given polymer type and product geometry.
Required Facilities
Textbook Principles of Polymer Engineering.,
N. G. McCrum,, C. P. Buckley,C. B. Bucknall,
Other References 2. Crawford, R.J., 1987. Plastics Engineering, Pergamon Press.
3. Miller, E., 1996. Introduction to Plastics and Composites, Marcel Dekker, Inc.
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