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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Advantages of polymers as an engineering materials. Structures of polymers.
Engineering applications of polymers depending on their types
Physical and thermal properties. Ambient effects on properties.
Mechanical properties of polymers: Tensile strength, hardness and impact energy
Fracture toughness, fatigue, creep and stress relief behaviors
The tribological properties, rheological properties
Plastic product manufacturing methods depending on polymer type. Injection molding. Injection molding machines .
Injection process: Resin dependent process parameters, Injection machine dependent process parameters. Design properties.
New molding methods. Extrusion, Extrusion screws. Process parameters.
Applications of polymer extrusion methods. Compression molding.
Transfer molding. Blow molding. Process parameters.
Rotational molding. Thermoforming. Special methods for polymer processing
Polymer foams. Comparison of thermosets and thermoplastics moldings.
Effect of molding on mechanical properties. Tolerances. Molding damages and prevention approaches.
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