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ENB 603E - Bulking and Foaming Problems in Biological Treatment Systems

Course Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are given below:
1. Microbiological structure and diversity of biological treatment systems,
2. Filamentous microorganisms causing bulking and foaming problems in biological treatment systems,
3. Parameters that cause overgrowth of filamentous microorganisms and control applications in activated sludge treatment systems

Course Description

General information about microorganisms, reviews and evaluations, microbial diversity, conventional and specific microbiology of biological wastewater treatment systems, activated sludge microbiology, floc structures and their settlement characteristics, identification of filamentous microorganisms, some laboratory applications, illustrations and biodiversity of filamentous microorganisms, reasons of filamentous microorganisms overgrowth, basic and specific conditions for filamentous overgrowth, causing bulking and foaming problems in activated sludge systems, control studies and solution applications.

Course Coordinator
Süleyman Övez
Course Language
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