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ELK 506E - Analysis and Design of Switched Mode Power Supplies

Course Objectives

Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) are power electronic circuits that performs power conversion by operating a semiconductor switch in on-off mode at high frequencies. Because of containing low loss elements (capacitor, inductor, transformer, semiconductor switch), high efficiency, low weight and small size make these supplies to be wide spread used in today's many applications. The aim of this course is to give mathematical tools for steady-state and dynamic analysis. The necessary tools required in the design of SMPS such as magnetic elements and controller are also the scope of this course.

Course Description

Steady-state analysis of switched-mode power supplies (SMPS): Inductor volt-second balance and capacitor charge balance, the small-ripple approximation, steady-state equivalent circuit modeling, losses, and efficiency (direct current transformer model), switch realization and power semiconductor devices. Discontinuous conduction mode, converter topologies. AC equivalent circuit modelling of converters, state-space averaging, review of Bode plots, analysis of converter transfer functions, graphical construction of impedances and transfer functions, effect of negative feedback on network transfer functions, closed-loop transfer functions and stability, regulator design, measurement of loop gains. Magnetics theory, loss mechanism in magnetic devices, filter inductor, multiple winding magnetics, transformer and AC inductor design.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Yıldırım
Course Language
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