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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1. Principals of steady state converter analysis

2. Steady state equivalent circuit modelling, losses and efficiency

3. DC transformer model, switch realization and power semiconductor devices

4. The discontinuos conduction mode operation of converters

5. Converter topologies

6. Magnetics theory, loss mechanism in magnetic devices, eddy currents in winding conductors, several types of magnetic devices

7. Filter inductor design constraints, multiple-winding magnetics design Transformer design constraints, AC inductor design

8. AC equivalent circuit modelling of converters, state-space averaging Review of Bode plots, analysis of converter transfer functions

9. Graphical construction of impedances and transfer functions and converter transfer functions Effect of negative feedback on the network transfer functions

10. Closed loop transfer functions and stability

11. Regulator design, measurement of loop gains
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