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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1. Detailed Production Plan, Routing, Introduction to Work Loading, Work Loading with Gantt Chart
2. Work Loading with Linear Programming, Assignment Method, Branch-Bound Algorithm
3. Work Loading with Indicator Method, Introduction to Job Sequencing, Defining Variables
4. Job Sequencing with Gantt Chart, Job Sequencing for n Jobs-1 Machine Status, Theorems and Proofs
5. Continuing Theorems and Proofs, Introduction to Parallel Machines
6. Algorithms Related to Parallel Machine Sequencing
7. Flow Shop Sequencing Problems, n×2 and n×3 Type Job Sequencing Problems
8. CDS, Branch-Bound and Roy Algorithms in n×m Type Job Sequencing Problems
9. Job Shop Sequencing Methods
10. Job Scheduling
11. Students' paper presentations-1
12. Students' paper presentations-2
13. Students' paper presentations-3
14. Students' paper presentations-4
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