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MKC 516E - Mechanics of Composite.Materials

Course Objectives

1. To familiarize students with the basic concepts and characteristics of fiber reinforced composite materials,
2. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the commonly used fabrication techniques and the applications for composite materials,
3. Give an ability to apply the knowledge of mechanics of composite materials on engineering applications and design problems.

Course Description

Basic concepts of composite materials, Hooke’s law for different types of materials, Macromechanical analysis of a lamina, Strength failure theories of an angle lamina, Hygrothermal effects, Micromechanical analysis of a lamina, Stress-strain relations and macromechanical analysis of laminates, Analysis and design of laminates, Bending of laminated beams.

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Tüfekci
Ekrem Tüfekci
Course Language
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