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MBL 511 - Knowledge Based Architectural Design

Course Objectives

To gain insight on artificial intelligence, cognitive science and design theory;

To gain the theoretical knowledge about usage of the computer within architectural design, parametric, exploratory and creative design processes;

To be informed about methods and techniques of conceptual modeling of the architectural form within the computer and strategies used in the design process;

To be informed about applications of knowledge-based design systems and expert systems within architectural design

To gain competence about modeling an architectural design product within computer environment for the purpose of computational design.

Course Description

Contemporary and traditional approaches in computer aided architectural design; Theoretic and geometrical models used in computer aided architectural design; Computer aided architectural design and creativity; artificial Intelligence, expert systems and knowledge-based design systems in architectural design; Structures and properties of knowledge based architectural design systems; Models that constitute theoretical fundamentals of knowledge based architectural design systems; Architectural design knowledge, knowledge representation and interpretation in computer aided architectural design; Expert systems in architectural design: properties, structure and components; Reasoning, search for a solution and control strategies in expert systems; Application areas of expert systems in architectural design; Space planning approaches with knowledge based architectural design systems; Application examples.

Course Coordinator
Gülen Çağdaş
Course Language
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