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MET 618 - Aluminum (Al), its Alloys and Their Production Technologies

Course Objectives

1. To teach students phlysophies in the development in aluminum alloys and production Technologies in light of history and what kind of solutions have made to solve in aluminum alloy and technology related problems.
2. To give aluminum alloy design strategies and teach all Alloys develeoped up todate,
3. To investigate the extractive metallurgy processes starting from ores, process-evnvironment and human management cylce management,
4. To understand the economics of aluminum in the world, value chain management in aluminum and its technologies
5. To have gradute who is ready to work in an aluminum industry at home and outside by giving an rich extensive scientific and experience knowledge.

Course Description

Aluminum history, the extractive metallurgies of aluminum metal production. Alloys and alloying elements. Coding systems. Alloy designs and the effect of phases. Newly developed alloys. Aluminum melt treatment, Rafination & Quality control processes, Aluminum casting technologies. Aluminum forming technologies. Simulation of aluminum. Joining, surface treatment, and recycling technologies. Last technology aluminum products. Economics, market, its effects on human and environment.

Course Coordinator
Özgül Keleş
Özgül Keleş
Course Language
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