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RST 609E - Conser.of Modern Achite.Herit.

Course Objectives

The documentation and conservation of Modern Architectural Heritage, dated to c. 1925-1975 in Turkey with various sub-styles and genres, has gained significant status in international and national professional policies beginning from the 1990s. The objectives of the course focus on informing the graduate students specializing in this area of the basic concepts and to enable them to discuss and evaluate on this topic based on the following:
1. The definition of the concept of Modern Architecture and its sub-styles and genres,
2. Internationally accepted criteria in the conservation of Modern Architectural Heritage,
3. Methods of intervention in the conservation of Modern Architectural Heritage with case studies,
4. Discussions on and critical evaluation of case studies.

Course Description

Modernism in architecture: concepts, origin, styles and genres, effect of architectural and urban-scape; the acceptance of the works of Modern Architecture as cultural property, criteria for selection and designation, conservation and restoration approaches; methods of intervention.

Course Coordinator
Sakine Yıldız Salman
Course Language
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