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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1.Week Modernism in Architecture I: the origin of Modernism, styles and genres between the two world wars
2. Week Modernism in Architecture II: Modernism following World War II
3. Week Modernism in Architecture III: Design concepts in Modern Architecture and its effect on the physical environment
4. Week Modernism in Architecture IV: urban-scape in Modern Architecture
5. Week Acceptance of the works of Modern Architecture as cultural property
6. Week Problems encountered in the acceptance of the works of Modern Architecture as cultural property and the preservation thereof – case studies
7. Week Criteria for selection and designation of Modern Architectural Heritage
8. Week Conservation and restoration approaches to Modern Architectural Heritage
9. Week Mid-term exam
10.Week Methods of Intervention I: maintenance, simple repair, restoration
11.Week Methods of Intervention II: structural repairs
12.Week Methods of Intervention III: reconstruction
13.Week Student Presentations I
14.Week Student Presentations II
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