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MBL 552E - The City as a Data Mine

Course Objectives

1.To introduce the basic theoretical and practical knowledge on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining through lectures, readings and case studies
2. To develop an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the well-known and widely-applied Data Mining techniques
3. To have students acquire knowledge, skills and experience on the implementations of Data Mining methods and techniques with architectural and urban data
4. To enable students get hands-on experience on Data Mining using a set of easy-to-use software for data managing and analysis
5. To have students to develop insights into creating a data-driven approach to architectural design, urban design, planning and decision-making

Course Description

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining methods, techniques and application domains; Data Mining for architecture, urban analysis, design, planning and decision-making; Knowledge Discovery process (urban data acquisition, preprocessing, data mining, visualization and evaluation); Identification of architectural and urban data sources and data types

Course Coordinator
Sema Alaçam
Course Language
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