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GID 602E - Food Proteins

Course Objectives

• Demonstrate a basic knowledge on the structure, isolation, purification and determination methods of proteins,
• Understand the interrelationship of molecular structure and functional properties of food proteins with a particular emphasis on interfacial properties including film, foam and emulsion forming,
• Nutritional properties of proteins and how these properties affected by modifications and process conditions,
• Informing the students on important protein sources in foods: milk, cereals and legumes

Course Description

Introduction, general properties of proteins: structure and classification. Aminoacids, peptides, proteins; protein folding, stability. Protein denaturation, denaturing agents. Protein isolation, purification, and determination techniques. Interrelationships of molecular and functional properties of proteins. Nutritional properties of proteins: protein quality, digestibility, evaluation of protein nutritive value. Processing-induced physical, chemical and nutritional changes in proteins. Functional, optical and hydrodynamic properties of proteins. Solubility-salting-in and salting-out properties. Protein hydration, interfacial properties: forming film, foam and emulsion. Milk, cereal and wheat proteins, legume/oilseed proteins

Course Coordinator
Filiz Altay
Course Language
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