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KIM 629 - Chemistry of Free Radicals

Course Objectives

1. to give fundamental knowledge about radicals in detail
2. to have knowledge about radicals in all chemistry fields
3. to learn proper methods for obtaining radicals
4. to learn radical reactions in detail and suggest synthetic methods by using radicals
5. to learn frequently used radicalic polymerization process in industry

Course Description

General definition of radicals, classification and properties, stabilities, reactivities, formation methods of free radicals, radical-radical reactions, substitution, addition and fragmentation reactions, rearrangement, aromatic substitution reactions, charged radicals reactions, free radicals in biochemistry and learn antioxidants, Barton-McCombie reactions, Barton decarboxylation reactions, free radical polymerization, controlled/living radical polymerization.

Course Coordinator
Füsun Şeyma Kışkan
Course Language
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