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PET 604E - Optimization Methods in R.Eng.

Course Objectives

The course will focus on optimization methods used in reservoir parameter estimation and performance predictions, which are widely used in reservoir management studies of petroleum, natural gas and geothermal reservoirs. In the course, fundamentals of least-squares theory, maximum-likelihood, statistics and geostatistics as well as inverse problem methodology for incorporating hard and soft data into reservoir characterization; gradient and non-gradient methods of optimizations will be covered.

Course Description

Deterministic and stochastic methods for optimization; forward and inverse problem definitions; Linear and non-linear regression; Optimization using non-gradient-based methods (simplex, Kalman and ensemble Kalman filter methods); Optimization using gradient based methods (conjugate gradient, steepest descent; Newton; Gauss-Newton, Levenberg-Marquardt); Simulated annealing; Neural networks; Eigenvalue and singular value decomposition; Applications to reservoir engineering and geostatistics.

Course Coordinator
Ömer İnanç Türeyen
Course Language
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