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ELK 518 - Power system Stability

Course Objectives

The aim of this course are
1. To learn the stability concept for power systems, types of stability analysis and simulation methods,
2. To obtain the mathematical models of synchronous machine which are necessary for stability studies,
3. To learn excitation and prime mover system models,
4. To learn the concepts about transient stability and transient stability analysis in computer environment,
5. To learn the concepts about dynamic and steady state stability, and to determine the steady state operation conditions of synchronous machine by means of phasor diagram.

Course Description

Power System Stability; Definitions, Simulation Methods. Mathematical Models of Synchronous Machine; Phase Models, (d-q-0) Model, State-Space Models. Excitation and Prime Mover System Models; Mathematical Models, Computer Models. Transient Stability; One Machine System Stability; Swing Equation, Equal Area Criteria. Multi-Machine System Stability; System Model, Simulation Methods, Improving Methods for Transient Stability. Dynamic and Steady-State Stability; Models for One Machine and Multi-Machine Systems, Steady-State Equations and Phasor Diagrams of Synchronous Machine.

Course Coordinator
Hatice Lale Zeynelgil
Hatice Lale Zeynelgil
Course Language
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