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KMM 543E - Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

To train students analyzing the complex thermodynamics processes.
To demonstrate students the industrial applications of thermodynamics.
To train students to be able to perform thermodynamic calculations related with real phase behaviors.
To train students to perform thermodynamic calculations related with chemical equilibrium and combined chemical and phase equilibrium.
To train students to perform thermodynamic calculations related with different energy conversion systems.

Course Description

Availability; available part of internal, kinetic and potential energy; availability of open and closed systems; reversibl work; lost work; availability-irreversibility analysis of processes. Equilibrium and stability; vapor-liquid equilibrium for real phase behaviors; liquid/liquid , vapor/liquid/liquid , solid/liquid , solid/vapor equilibrium.Chemical equilibrium in homogeneous systems; heterogeneous reactions; combined chemical and phase equilibrium.Cogeneration; nuclear and hydroelectric power cycles; solar, wind geothermal and biomass power systems; photovoltaic systems; fuel cells.

Course Coordinator
Nil Özbek
Course Language
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