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END 575E - Advanced Topics in Multiple Criteria Decision Making Applications

Course Objectives

1. examining and reviewing multiple criteria decision making applications that aim to provide the vision and collaboration necessary to start making progress on solving the major societal challenges and improving quality of life,
2. introducing students to how multiple criteria decision making methods and decision support tools are used to solve these problems,
3. discussing the multiple criteria decision making models used and the results revealed at the previously organized decision conferences.

Course Description

Helping students how to use MCDM methods to solve major societal challenges and improve quality of life,
Examining MCDM methods utilized on sustainability, circular economy, climate change, renewable energy, conflict resolution, immigration, poverty, drought, famine, disasters, sharing economy, smart cities, urban governance, climate smart agriculture, food security, food safety, industry 4.0, healthcare management, defense industry, aerospace, unmanned vehicles, and business analytics applications

Course Coordinator
Yusuf İlker Topcu
Course Language
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