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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Sürdürülebilir İnovasyon ve Girişimcilik
English Sustainable Innovation and Enterpreneurship
Course Code
ISL 613E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Nihan Yıldırım
Course Objectives To introduce and inform advanced concepts, methods and application examples with an integrated and strategic approach to sustainability and innovation management and entrepreneurship,
2. To develop an awareness of micro and macro problems related to sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship and to acquire advanced skills to produce solutions to these problems.
Course Description The İntersections Between Sustainability, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, The Importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in The UN Sustainable Development Goals Context; The Concepts of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Network, Process and Impact Perspectives on Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable and Circular Entrepreneurial Business Models, Social Benefit Economy, Social Impact, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the World&Turkey, Open Innovation, Localization, Digitalization, Case Analyses.
Course Outcomes Students who will successfully complete this course will be
1. They will have information about the advanced concepts, theories and practices related to sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.
2. They will understand the main approaches and frameworks used in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.
3. They will be able to design sustainable and social business models.
4. They will be able to combine the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship with the UN 17 SDG, and examine the reflections of these relations in the world.
5. They will syntesize and have an in-depth understanding about the effects of technology and digital transformation on sustainability.
Required Facilities
Textbook 1. Sustainable Innovation: Strategy, Process and Impact, 2021. Edited By Cosmina L. Voinea, Nadine Roijakkers, Ward Ooms.Routledge
2. Managing Sustainable Innovation, 2019. Edited By Vanessa Ratten, Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas, Hans Lundberg
3. Innovation for Sustainability:Business Transformations Towards a Better World, Edited by Nancy Bocken,Paavo Ritala Laura Albareda Robert Verburg, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation,2016. (Routledge Research in Sustainability and Business) 1st Edition, by Katerina Nicolopoulou (Editor), Mine Karatas-Ozkan (Editor), Frank Janssen (Editor), John M. Jermier (Editor)
Other References
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