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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Concepts of Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2 Sustainable innovation, entrepreneurship: Literature Analysis and Key Discussions.
3 Sustainable Innovation and Social innovation: Systemic Innovation and Strategic Dilemmas
4 Sustainable Innovation, entrepreneurship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Current Situation with Examples from the World and Turkey - Case Studies
5 Thematic Perspectives of Sustainable Innovation 1 - Strategy: Hybrid Organizations, Business Model Innovation for Sustainability and Stakeholder, Management Understanding Interaction and Changes, Models for Social Economy Actors and NGOs
6 Thematic Perspectives of Sustainable Innovation 2 - Network Perspectives: Value Chains and Networks, Collaborations and Ecosystems for Eco-innovations in Circular Economy; Success Factors for Sustainability Startups
7 Thematic Perspectives of Sustainable Innovation 3 - Process Perspectives: R&D and Radical Innovation, Culture and Sustainability, Sustainable Innovation for Resilience, Design Thinking and Lean/social business canvas
8 Thematic Perspectives of Sustainable Innovation 4 Impact Perspectives: Social Impact Analysis and Organizational Performance; Methods and Challenges – Literature Analysis and Examples
9 Sustainable Innovation Management: The System View, The role of Businesses in Sustainability, Adaptive Systems Analysis Perspectives (septic, pragmatic and idealistic), Management Challenges and Opportunities,
10 Open Innovation and Sustainability: The Interactive Framework, Drivers, Barriers/Obstacles
11 Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Sustainable and Green Business Models, Drivers and Barriers for SMEs, Circular Economy Business Models
12 Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Localization - Case Studies
13 Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Digitalization - Case Studies
14 Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Comparative Case Study - Synthesis of Cases, Discussion on Projects
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