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MTO 601E - Advanced Numeric.Weather Pred.

Course Objectives

Teach the basics of weather and climate. As weather forecasters, we rely heavily on numerical weather models to aid in making our short- and long-term forecasts (see above quote). Unfortunately, we believe their predictions all too readily because we don’t understand when they work and when they don’t. This course is intended to give the student a basic introduction to numerical weather prediction techniques and should assist the student in evaluating model-derived forecasts with a critical eye.

Course Description

Map factor; Basic model equations; Numerical techniques and computational instability; Grid structures of Arkawa and Lambert schemes; Concept of model initialization.
Boundary layer processes; A review of numerical weather prediction models in operation; Products of numerical models; Introduction to model output statistics; Applications of barotropic end equivalent barotrophic.

Course Coordinator
Sevinç Asilhan
Sevinç Asilhan
Course Language
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