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MBL 602 - Decision Support Systems in Architectural Design

Course Objectives

To be informed about the use of artificial intelligence and decision support systems in the areas of complex problems in architectural design;
2. To be informed about decision making strategies according to dynamic changes in the parameters of design problems;
3. To be able to use and develop systems that have a knowledge repository and ability of expert decision making;
4.To be informed about different application areas of the systems that can help the architect in the architectural design process

Course Description

Artificial intelligence and application areas; Artificial intelligence in architecture; Expert systems; Decision support systems and examples of its usage in architecture; Agents and agent definition, properties, agent environment; Types of agents; multi-agent decision support systems; Communication in multi-agent systems, message types, communication levels; Communication protocols; Coordination between agents; Learning systems in agent systems; Agents and experience; rule-based behavior; Constructive memory system, agent societies, communication, society, group impact; Self-organization; Models of multi-agent decision support systems in architectural design; Agent development tools and platforms.

Course Coordinator
Gülen Çağdaş
Sema Alaçam
Course Language
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