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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimari Tasarımda Karar Destek Sistemleri
English Decision Support Systems in Architectural Design
Course Code
MBL 602 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Gülen Çağdaş
Sema Alaçam
Course Objectives To be informed about the use of artificial intelligence and decision support systems in the areas of complex problems in architectural design;
2. To be informed about decision making strategies according to dynamic changes in the parameters of design problems;
3. To be able to use and develop systems that have a knowledge repository and ability of expert decision making;
4.To be informed about different application areas of the systems that can help the architect in the architectural design process
Course Description Artificial intelligence and application areas; Artificial intelligence in architecture; Expert systems; Decision support systems and examples of its usage in architecture; Agents and agent definition, properties, agent environment; Types of agents; multi-agent decision support systems; Communication in multi-agent systems, message types, communication levels; Communication protocols; Coordination between agents; Learning systems in agent systems; Agents and experience; rule-based behavior; Constructive memory system, agent societies, communication, society, group impact; Self-organization; Models of multi-agent decision support systems in architectural design; Agent development tools and platforms.
Course Outcomes 1. Developing and intensifying the current and high-tech knowledge in the architectural design computing area with the use of original thinking and/or research processes and in a specialistic level, based upon the competency in expert level;
2. Grasping the interdisciplinary interaction related to the architectural design computing area; reaching original results by using the specialistic knowledge in analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating new and complex ideas;
3. Developing a new idea, method, design and/or application which brings about innovation in the architectural design computing area; or, applying a conventional idea, method, design and/or application to a different environment; researching, grasping, designing and applying an original subject;
4. Developing area-related new ideas and methods by making use of high level intellectual processes such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making;
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