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END 603E - Operations Res. & Mathem. Mod.

Course Objectives

In summary form, the overall educational objective of this course is to enable students to:

1. Develop necessary skills and competencies in basic mathematical OR methods and modeling
2. To give them basic mathematical tools to make research in mathematical modeling
3. To give necessary skills for their understanding of mathematical and quantitative content in their research for doctoral work
4. to enable them to think in terms of original and analytical terms

Course Description

Overview of Operations Research Modeling Approach, Deterministic Dynamic Prog¬ramming, Probabilistic dynamic programming, Matrix Algebra and Modeling using Matrices, Transfor¬mation of Variables in Multi-Variate Functions, Linear and Non-Linear Model Building and Their Applications in Management Sicience, Queueing Models and their Applications, Introduction to Multi-Variate Statistical Analysis, Other selected Topics

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Nahit Serarslan
Mehmet Nahit Serarslan
Course Language
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