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END 507 - Simulation Analysis of Production Systems

Course Objectives

1. Teaching the students to observe the effects of different levels of parameters on the performance of the production system using simulation technique.
2. Make students attain the ability to analyze simulation output.
3. Teaching students to interpret the analysis results for decision support during the production system design.
4. Make students attain the ability to use contemporary simulation software, in an advanced level.

Course Description

Purpose and benefits of modeling production systems; Steps of simulation studies: problem definition, data gathering, and model construction, running the model and computations during the runs, statistical analysis of the output data. Modeling batch sizes and setup times in cellular manufacturing systems; modeling of assembly line changeover& adjustments during product changes; modeling job-shop production systems; Modeling and analysis of push & pull type or hybrid production control systems; Modeling and Design of Materials Supply Systems (Milk-run) within the Factory; Analysis of maintenance activities within the manufacturing system; Students’ project presentations and discussions

Course Coordinator
Şule Itır Satoğlu
Course Language
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