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GID 603E - Advanced Food Biochemistry

Course Objectives

Educate students on metabolic pathways and their regulations in all living forms.

Course Description

Autotrophes and Hetetorophes, introduction to metabolism, energy carrying molecules, generic aspects of pathways, regulation of pathways-allosteric enzymes, protein-protein interactions, protein-Ca interactions, covalent modification of enzymes hormonal regulation, alpha and beta adrenergic systems, coarse control, gene expression-LAC OPERON; Bioenergetics; CHO Metabolism: Glycolitic pathway, gluconeogenesis, glyoxylate cycle, glycogen synthesis and degradation, starch biosynthesis; TCA cycle: anaplerotic reactions; Electron transport chain; chemiosmosis hypothesis, transport systems; Photosynthesis; Carbon fixation (Calvin cycle); Lipid degradation, oxidation of fatty acids, synthesis of fatty acids; Calvin Cycle (C3 & C4 plants); photosysnthesis

Course Coordinator
Dilek Boyacıoğlu
Course Language
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