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UYJ 505 - Site Investigation and Measurement Techniques

Course Objectives

1 – The organization, design and reporting of site investigations for different geotechnical applications
2 – In-situ and laboratory tests for the determination of engineering properties and behavior of earth materials.
3 – Building of engineering geological model (Engineering geological maps and cross-sections)
4 – Modern techniques for measuring and monitoring of site response to control the safety of engineering excavation in rock and soil.
5- Reporting and submission of site investigations

Course Description

Objectives, contents and planning of geotechnical site investigations, the methods, steps and priorities of the field studies. Principles and importance of measurement, monitoring and assessment in geotechnical applications. The measurement and monitoring of natural and secondary stresses. Determination of bearing capacities and modes of failures in rock masses. Measurement and monitoring of site response after or during excavation. Measurement of ground water level and pore pressure and permeability in rock and soil. Special tests for different purposes, geophysical methods. Case-studies related with measurement and monitoring for controlling engineering applications in urban areas. Self study for evaluation, reporting and oral presentation of monitoring data obtained from a project.

Course Coordinator
Yılmaz Mahmutoğlu
Course Language
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