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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Plaka Tektoniğine Göre Maden Yatakları
English Ore Depo.Related to Pla.Tecto.
Course Code
JEO 626E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Emin Çiftçi
Course Objectives The purpose of this course is - by specializing general knowledge already acquired - to teach students frequency of occurrence of ore deposits in which tectonic belts within the context of plate tectonics, and thus where to look, why and how they should be explored. Introduction of metallogenic belts of Turkey and presence and potential occurrence of ore deposits in such environments and teaching their interrelations with lithologies and tectonic settings.
Course Description General features of ore deposits: solution properties, texture-structure concepts, hydrothermal alterations associated with ore deposits; Classification of ore deposits: Relationship of ore deposits with plate tectonics; Use of the plate tectonics in explorations; Classification of ore deposits according to the plate tectonics; Metallogeny belts; Ore deposits found in association with converging plate boundaries and their interrelations; Ore deposits associated with diverging plate boundaries and rifting; Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits (e.g., Kuroko and Pontide type); Carbonate hosted massive sulfide deposits (e.g., Mississippi valley type – MVT- deposits); Porphyry type ore deposits; Skarn type ore deposits; Epithermal ore deposits; Examples from Turkey
Course Outcomes -
Pre-requisite(s) None
Required Facilities -
Other -
Textbook Sawkins, F.J., 1990. Metal Deposits in Relation to Plate Tectonics. Springer-Verlag. Berlin
Other References Moon, C.J., Whateley, M.K.G., Evans, A.M., 2006. Introduction to Mineral Exploration, 481 pages, Blackwell Publishing; 2nd edition, ISBN-10: 1405113170
Roberts, R.G. and Shean, P.A., 2000, Ore Deposit Models. Geocsience Canada Reprint Series, 3. Ontario-Canada

Guilbert, J.M. and Park, C.F. Jr., 2007. The Geology of Ore Deposits. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York.

Edwards, R., 1986. Ore Deposit Geology and Its Influence on Mineral Exploration, 466 pages, Springer; 1 edition, ISBN-10: 0412247003.
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