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GID 507 - Food Product Development

Course Objectives

Students will ;
1. Develop knowledge on all steps of new product development such as marketing research,
formation of product concepts, prototype production, determination of critical control points
for these products, determination of shelf life and market value of products, assesment of
product by sensory analysis and consumer tests and formation of end product.
2. Develop team-working ability by evaluating all steps involved in new product development
3. Develop skills of decision making, critical thinking & establishing relations to the food
industry.by applying theoretical knowledge on a project

Course Description

New food product development strategies; Creating ideas and assesment, Developing concepts;
Assessment and documentation of concept studies, determination of prototype product and its
design, assessment of specifications, formulation, process optimization; production, packaging,
shelf-life, product performance tests; assessment of product; sensory analysis, specifications,
regulations; Tests for end product, marketing strategy, shelf life and safety, package
choice,designing of label, launching and distribution

Course Coordinator
Merve Yavuz Düzgün
Course Language
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