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CHZ 518 - Feasibilty and Design of Mineral Processing Plants

Course Objectives

1. The purpose of this course is to teach students how to make feasibility studies and design of the coal and mineral processing plants
2. To evaluate and study project of the coal and mineral processing plants

Course Description

Estimation of costs in mineral processing plant, estimate capital costs, estimate operation costs, Depreciation, Time Value of Money, Net Present Value, Nominal and effective Interest Rates, Whether to accept or reject an investment, More than One Possible Investment, Decision to rent or Buy, Effects of Depreciation Allowences and Discounting, The Internal Rate of Return, A Method for Estimating Project Profitability, Plant site selection and environmental relations, Feasibility Studies(Case Study), Storage and Conveying plant design, Crushing, Screnning Grinding and classification plant design and case studies, Gravity, Flotation, Magnetic and electrostatic separation plant desing, Chemical Separation plant design and case studies, other plant design

Course Coordinator
Ali Güney
Kudret Tahsin Perek
Course Language
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