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CKY 551E - Integra.Detail Desi.&Stru.Con.

Course Objectives

1. To explain that the architectural technology, detail and structural design related subjects of the architectural design process should be studied together with an integrated approach.
2. To give information about the rational and methodical approaches of detail design which has a multi-dimensional structure.
3. To give information about the computer software related with the structural design.
4. To make students understand that there is a need for specialists who may be a link between the architects and related engineers.

Course Description

Architectural technology and detail design concept, input and design methods.
Detailed analysis and integration of physical, social regulatory, humane related input.
Physical interfaces, detailing, specifying, informing and assembling the parts concepts about design in architectural technology.
Basic principles, approaches and calculation techniques about the structural design.
3D design with a structural analysis software.

Course Coordinator
Fatih Yazıcıoğlu
Course Language
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